how the west was won

Led Zeppelin:《How The West Was Won》

点评:不同于Led Zeppelin大部分的富有冲击力的曲子,这次主唱Robert Plant则“心平气和”的演绎。这首本张精选中的较长曲目给了Jimmy Page更多的机会来展示他那把...


Was It Jack The Ripper?01

Was It Jack The Ripper?1 那是杀人狂杰克吗?1 It was in the middle of winter and I was staying after school to rehearse for a danc


高中英语说课稿:《the West Lake》范例

《the West Lake》说课稿 一、 本课在教材中的地位 我说课的课题是人教版职高英语第二册Unit 9 Lesson 34阅读课文“the West Lake”。这是一篇叙述性的说明文...